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Rules for Riding

Simply put, be a kind rider.

For your safety and comfort, we’ve created the Code of Conduct Policy. This policy applies to activities taking place in EMBARK transit vehicles, parking garages and lots, bus shelters, transit centers and mini-hubs, as well as administrative offices and facilities. It’s just a fancy way to say, “if you can’t be respectful to others and use common sense when riding the bus, you can't ride."

It only takes one person to ruin a good experience on EMBARK – and we take that very seriously. Anyone in violation of the actions below may be asked to leave the EMBARK vehicle or facility, and risk suspension of their privileges to use EMBARK transit services and the ability to enter transit property.

Common Sense Guidelines

Closeup of a EMBARK Transit professional wearing a face shield and driving inside a fixed-route bus.

The Role of the Bus Operator

A bus operator's primary job is to operate the bus safely.

If problems arise on your trip, the bus operator will respond in a way that results in the least amount of trip delays and rider inconvenience. In the case of a conduct issue or safety concern, your bus operator will:

  1. Decide how severe the problem is.
  2. Decide if problem can be resolved on board or if outside help is needed.
  3. Decide to respond directly, alert authorities or not take action and submit report after trip.

Keep in mind, bus operators are not police officers. Their job isn’t enforcing the law. The bus operator’s job is to keep everyone safe and buses running on time. Your job is to enjoy your ride, be aware of your surroundings and be kind to other riders.

See our Safety & Security page for information on reporting suspicious behavior.

EMBARK transit professional driving a fixed-route bus in front of the Cox Convention Center.

What Items Can I Bring and How Do I Store Them?

  • Food/drinks: You aren’t allowed to eat on EMBARK but you can bring food and drinks if you keep them in closed containers. Open containers of alcohol are not allowed.
  • Grocery carts: Two-wheeled carts can be brought on the bus.
  • Luggage/bags/backpacks/packages: You may bring up to four grocery-size bags as long as you can manage them and store them in your own space.
  • Mobility devices: PLUS Paratransit buses can safely hold wheelchairs and scooters (up to 30 in x 48 in, weighing up to 800 pounds) when occupied.
  • Pets: Pets must be in a hard-sided carrier with adequate ventilation and designed for the transport of animals, one carrier per passenger. Service animals are welcome.
  • Strollers: Single, umbrella style strollers can be folded and stored under seat or in luggage area. Note: large or double strollers aren’t a safe option for the bus.

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