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EMBARK and its various partners run the day-to-day under leadership of the Administrator and is governed by the Central Oklahoma Transportation & Parking Authority (COTPA) Board of Trustees.

Board of Trustees
Executive Leadership Team
Division Staff

Board of Trustees

Headshot of COTPA Vice-Chairperson Barney Semptner on blue background.
Bernard Semtner


Headshot of COTPA Board Trustee Meg McElhaney on blue background.
Meg McElhaney

Vice Chairperson

Headshot of COTPA Board Chairperson Chris Kauffman with blue background.
Chris Kauffman


Headshot of COTPA Board Trustee Brent Bryant on blue background.
Brent Bryant


Headshot of COTPA Board Trustee James Cooper on blue background.
James Cooper


Headshot of COTPA Board Trustee Robert Ruiz on blue background.
Robert Ruiz


Headshot of Oklahoma City City Manager Craig Freeman on blue background.
Craig Freeman

City Manager / Trustee

Headshot of Oklahoma City Assistant City Manager Laura Johnson with blue background.
Laura Johnson

Surrogate Trustee

Headshot of Oklahoma City Mayor and COTPA Board Trustee David Holt with blue background.
David Holt

Mayor / Trustee

Headshot of COTPA Board Trustee Steve Hill on blue background.
Steve Hill

Surrogate Trustee

Executive Leadership Team

EMBARK's Leadership Team consists of the Director/Administrator, two Assistant Directors and the executive managers of the agency’s divisions.

The team works together for the delivery of safe and reliable transportation and parking services. Executive managers are accountable for the performance of their employees, their budgets and, ultimately, their division’s role in the overall performance of the agency.

Headshot of Administrator and Assistant City Manager Jason Ferbrache on blue background.
Jason Ferbrache (pronounced Fair-brush)

Director of Public Transportation & Parking and City of Oklahoma City Assistant City Manger

Headshot of Assistant Director of Operations Jesse Rush on blue background.
Jesse Rush

Assistant Director of Operations

Headshot of Assistant Director of Administration Suzanne Wickenkamp on blue background.
Suzanne Wickenkamp

Assistant Director of Administration

Division Staff

From our frontline transit professions to our administration and customer service representatives, from our planners and project managers to mechanics, EMBARK is team working together to provide safe and reliable transit service for Central Oklahoman residents. Staff is listed alphabetically below.

Headshot of Director of Operations Kharlie Barnaby with blue background.
Kharlie Barnaby

Chief of Bus Operations

Headshot of Community Engagement Officer Cody Boyd on blue background.
Cody Boyd

Community Engagement Officer

Headshot of Purchasing Specialist Whitney Broesel on blue background.
Whitney Broesel

Purchasing Specialist

Dr. Marilyn Dillon

Mobility Management Administrator/ADA Coordinator

Delano Fisher

Streetcar Operations Manager

Headshot of Operations Specialist Jimmy Friend on blue background.
Jimmy Friend

Security Specialist

Headshot of Chief Safety Officer Eugene Fritz on blue background.
Eugene Fritz

Chief Safety Officer

Headshot of Facility and Fleet Manager Dennis Fry on blue background.
Dennis Fry

Facility & Fleet Manager

Christopher Hall

Assistant Municipal Counselor

Headshot of Norman Operations Manager Lamar Hammon on blue background.
Lamar Hammon

Norman Operations Specialist

Headshot of Trust Specialist Christina Hankins on blue background.
Christina Hankins

Assistant Finance Director

Smiling placeholder for employee headshot that is needed.

Business Manager

Headshot of Parking Manager Cory Hubert on blue background.
Cory Hubert

Parking Manager

Smiling placeholder for employee headshot that is needed.

Financial Services Manager

Headshot of Planning Manager Chip Nolen on blue background.
Chip Nolen

Scheduling & Short Range Planning Manager

Armando Reyes

Business Development & Public Affairs Manager


Headshot of Training Analyst Byron Richmond with blue background.
Byron Richmond

Training & Safety Specialist

Headshot of IT Manager Michael Scroggins with blue background.
Michael Scroggins

Business Systems Manager

Headshot of HR Manager Michael Shaw on blue background.
Mike Shaw

Human Resources Manager

Headshot of Senior Project Manager Kristen Torkelson with natural background.
Kristen Torkelson

Senior Project Manager

Headshot of Field Operations Supervisor Josh Vaught on blue background.
Josh Vaught

Spokies Manager

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